New Kokomo recycle bins cause confusion

(WISH Photo/Jessica Lauren)

KOKOMO Ind. (WISH) – Recycle bins are popping up throughout Howard County as the city gets ready to launch its curbside recycling program. More than 22,000 blue bins will be distributed by the end of November. Many were dropped off on Monday near the city’s south side where they are sitting curbside already filled with trash.

“One day the truck came around and just dropped them off. Merry Christmas! I thought, ‘okay, well this is good,’” said Kokomo resident Renate Sharp.

Mrs. Sharp and several other homeowners said they were left with more questions than answers after glancing over the ‘yes and no list,’ even after crews placed stickers that list approved recyclable items on the top of each lid.

Under the red “no” category, it states no liquid, plastic, metal or paper. Under the green “yes” category, pictures of glass bottles are listed as approved.

“I was wondering why another trash bin was in my front lawn,” said Howard County resident Ashley Shuppid. “I looked on the sticker, but it doesn’t say when they will pick this up,”

The 10-year contract the city signed with a local company begins in December. Starting the second week cycle, recycled items on the approved list will be picked up with the trash.

City of Kokomo officials said participation is voluntary but encouraged.

Anyone with questions about the new curbside recycle program can click here for updates. The city is very active on Facebook and said it will address any concerns residents may have before the program launches.

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