Local veteran receives help from non-profit group

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Veterans Day is just around the corner, and a local Navy veteran received a special surprise from a non-profit group.

World War II veteran Oven Henderson had his fence broken down and he was worried that his dog would escape from his yard.

So a non-profit that specifically helps veterans came and put up a new fence for him. The group is called Path Home and is made up of veterans.

“This is a World War II veteran, you can’t get any finer than that. I mean, these guys saved the world, and when they come back in their senior years and they come back and need to do something and they just can’t get out and do anything anymore, it’s time for us younger vets to get and make sure it gets done,” said Bon Luenebrink with the Path Home.

Henderson said he put up the fence 53 years ago, but because of age and injuries he couldn’t do the work himself to repair the fence.

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