Program offers EMS workers help

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department recorded its 128th murder of the year.

Often EMS workers are the first ones on the scene. Once on the scene the workers are there to preserve life.

“Our first responders see things that your average citizen shouldn’t have to see,” said Executive Director of Indy Public Safety Foundation Dane Nutty

Often after a traumatic scene, the EMS workers are rushed to another call for help; however, there is also help for the workers. They can go through a debriefing session with a supervisor or a peer group after experiencing a difficult run.

There is also a more extensive process, which includes confidential counseling where the medics can chose from six hospitals in the area.

“We are making sure the crew is okay during the immediate,” said EMS Spokesman Carl Rochelle.

It was nearly 20 years ago that Rochelle received his first call for help. The emergency run took place in Virginia, where a woman in her 80’s was experiencing cardiac arrest. He tried to revive the woman, but she passed away.

“I was concerned the patient didn’t survive,” said Rochelle.

Often some medics carry the burden of life or death in their minds. Some even second guess themselves. Some say that is part of the process.

With the murder rate rising, it’s imperative now more than ever that EMS workers are aware of the services that are available to help them cope.

To ensure the workers seeking counseling remain anonymous, there are certain steps and procedures that are in place.

For instance, the workers call a number. Their name is not given over the phone, and the only time their name is used is when they meet the person who is providing the care.

Currently there are six local hospitals in the area that offer the counseling.

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