Terre Haute man bikes cross country to lose weight, win back wife

(Provided Photo/WTHI-TV)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Eric Hites of Putnam County was 560 pounds, jobless, and about to go through a divorce.

“I was failing miserably at pretty much everything. My health was bad. My marriage was bad,” Hites said.

Hites says he hit rock bottom, so he decided he was going to get his wife back and take control of life. He decided he would do that by biking.

“I don’t think I can walk 500 miles but I can ride my bicycle to prove to you how much I love you and how much work I’ll put in to get my health back and change our future,” he said.

And while he’s at it he’s writing a book.

“I decided to do a coast to coast trip. Write a cool book about it, visit cool places, meet cool people and do cool things and show her how much I love her by doing it,” he said.

He started in Massachusetts after purchasing his bike in Terre Haute.

A couple weeks into it Hites was met with a visitor.

“I could either sit at home and worry about him day in and day out or I could get out here and show him that I’m here with him and I’ll do it with him. I told him it was the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard,” Angie Hites said.

So Eric and his wife Angie were taking on the challenge together.

Angie now drives along in support and the two camp or stay in cheap hotels when Eric isn’t biking.

They say it’s tough and they miss their loved ones.

“I miss my friends and I miss my niece, I miss my niece so much,” Angie Hites said.

But together, they’re pushing through all the emotions.

“I will not give up until I’m done because that was my promise to get her back,” Eric Hites said.

They’ve switched up the route due to dropping temperatures. The Hites are in Florida now are plan to head west. They hope to finish their trip by  May.

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