IFAST: Why sitting correctly during travel is important for good health

Another busy holiday travel season is upon us, and that means the way you sit while you travel could affect your health. Lance Goyke, strength coach with IFAST, offers tips on how to sit correctly and breathe while traveling, and shows us a quick workout you can do anywhere without equipment!

Lance says while traveling to visit relatives and friends is a great way to reconnect, all of that traveling—changing time zones, germs on the plane, hours of sitting, and general life stress—can really take a toll on you.

Here are a few of his tips:

To minimize jet lag, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day so your body knows when to wake you up. Minimize caffeine and alcohol because these drugs interfere with your daily rhythm.

Airports are where all the germs go to hang out. Keep your body’s defense system strong by eating a vegetable (colorful things), a protein (like chicken, turkey, ground beef, or tofu), and a healthy fat (like avocado, olive oil, or your favorite nut) at every meal.

Sitting can put a lot of stress on your back and neck. The best medicine here is movement; get up and move around whenever possible. If prolonged sitting is unavoidable, take a deep breath and exhale as much air as you can. Picture you’re blowing out a 100 candle birthday cake. After that, find and feel your two “sit bones” underneath your butt muscles, letting them sink into the seat. Do the same thing with your back. If you let your seat support you, your back won’t get so tight.

To learn more, visit www.indianapolisfitnessandsportstraining.com.

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