Designer uses fashion to change lives

Designer, author and life changer. Those are just a few words to describe Danielle Chiel, a woman who’s using her artisan line of knits and the fashion platform to make change in the lives of women in India, specifically in the rural village of Tamil Nadu.

dan2After legislation changes in her native Australia, Danielle moved production to India and discovered almost by chance a community of women who wanted a skill set and had a drive and ambition to make it happen. Danielle’s knit program provides a structure both emotionally and financially that these women never would have had. dan1

From 10 women in its inception, she is now helping hundreds into the thousands, if you factor in the families and lives she is changing. Danielle is launching her US collection via e tail and hopes the story behind each garment showcases her desire for a brand that is bespoke in nature, but also one that is individual in approach. Each piece is custom-made, so not one is the same.

To learn more about Danielle’s work, visit:

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