Pastor whose pregnant wife was slain says she had no enemies

INDIANAPOLIS (APWISH) — The Indianapolis pastor whose pregnant wife was shot to death in their home says she “didn’t have an enemy in the world” and the slaying has left him confused and angry.

Davey Blackburn spoke about his wife in a nationally televised interview Tuesday on ABC’s Good Morning America.

During the interview he said “It’s hard to sort through all of the emotions we’re feeling. We’re confused. We don’t understand why. We’re angry. We’re not sure what to do.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Amanda Blackburn was shot in the head during the Nov. 10 attack and died the next day. She was 13 weeks pregnant. The Blackburns have a 15-month-old son, who was upstairs in a crib at the time of the attack.

Police released photos Monday showing a possible suspect walking in the neighborhood. They were taken from a home surveillance video.

Blackburn says his wife devoted her life to helping others.

Davey also said on Good Morning America that Amanda was “The perfect mom. I wish every mom in the world could have learned from her. I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her.”

He says the family is devastated and trying to move forward.

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