Truths only your mouth can reveal

mouthbookWould you floss more often if you knew it could prevent erectile dysfunction? Would you brush your teeth better if it reduced your chances of a terrible disease like diabetes or heart disease? Would you stop using mouthwash if you knew it could cause cancer? What goes on inside your mouth has a direct impact to what goes on in the rest of your body! Dr. Susan Maples, who has been named one of the top eight innovators in U.S. Dentistry, has just released her new book, Blabber Mouth: 77 Secrets Only Your Mouth Can Tell You to Live a Healthier, Happier, Sexier Life.

A few of Dr. Maples 77 secrets that she reveals:

– Floss or be flaccid: Gum disease is a possible health threat of erectile dysfunction, so floss or be flaccid.

– Swish off the claims about mouth rinses. Nix mouthwashes with alcohol because this is a preserving agent that can cause oral cancer. Stay away from mouthwashes that claim to make you teeth feel smooth as they contain a detergent that coats the plaque and debris trapping it underneath the slick. Finally, save your money on rinses that claim to “whiten” teeth. It doesn’t work in the typical 30-second rinse.

– Tooth lightening: The secret to pearly whites or is it? Tooth lightening can brighten your teeth, but chasing an unceasing glow-in-the-dark smile can damage pulp and cause teeth to die. Over-the-counter products will only lighten your teeth by one or two shades. Avoid one-hour laser or light therapy because it’s temporary and dehydrates the teeth. The best results come through bleaching with custom trays only available through your dentist.

– Avoid the top 5 killers: Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and respiratory disease have all been linked to gum disease and tooth decay. When unhealthy mouth bacteria gets into the bloodstream, it contributes to clogged arteries, increased inflammation in the body and messes with blood sugar levels.

– Expecting or planning to have a baby soon? Pregnancy gingivitis is a possible health threat of pre-term delivery or stillbirth. Make sure your oral health is top notch before getting pregnant.

– Feeling blue? It could be periodontal disease. For people who are diagnosed with depression but can’t seem to find the reason, it might be periodontal disease. Periodontitis is a possible health threat of depression (and vice versa).

– How hard should it be? The only choice for hardness in a toothbrush is not hard at all. Make sure you always choose soft bristles to avoid traumatizing your gums. Scrubbing with a medium or hard bristle brush can make the gums recede from the teeth and it’s irreversible except through surgery.

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