Blackburn’s neighbors pleased at progress in case

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The progression of the Amanda Blackburn investigation has been a relief for her neighbors.

They say they’ve been waiting for a big break in the case and it appears that today they got one when sources within IMPD confirmed three people of interest were being questioned on the case.

Neighborhood Watch Captain Ryan McConnell said today’s news gave them a renewed sense of hope.

They’ve always been confident IMPD would make progress, they just didn’t know exactly when it would happen.

Using a private Facebook Group and the app “Next Door,” McConnell and the rest of his neighbors have been anxiously keeping track of the Blackburn investigation.

“People get on there as they can and it is a consistent flow of information, a very active thread,” he said.

That activity today centered around the news that police were interviewing several persons of interests.

Sources within IMPD told 24-Hour News that at least three people were being questioned.

McConnell said he talked with the lead detective on the case Wednesday night and had a feeling good news was around the corner.

“He didn’t, like, give me a nod that something like this might happen today. But he definitely said that the case was progressing very quickly,” said McConnell.

He said neighbors have had an emotional week. They held a vigil for Blackburn a few days ago. Also a gun was found recently found in the neighborhood but investigators determined it was unrelated to the Blackburn case. IMPD sources also revealed that DNA evidence was being used to help track down a suspect.

Neighbors have tried to help as well. McConnell said they continue to help police with tips and information, and despite today’s break in the case, he said that won’t stop.

“Several of us in the neighborhood have said whatever it takes, however long it takes, we’re on board to do this,” he said.

McConnell said the investigation has consumed the lives of many people in this neighborhood, for better or worse. He said it just shows how passionate they are about bringing Blackburn’s killer to justice.

McConnell also wanted to thank IMPD for having a constant presence in the neighborhood. He said there’s at least one squad car parked on Sunnyfield Court every night. He showed us a picture of a group of officers on bikes who patrolled in the area.

Late Thursday night, an entire shift of officers held roll call right outside Blackburn’s home. One neighbor brought out a large plate of cookies for them to show her appreciation.

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