Families using crowdfunding to help pay cost of adoption

GoFundMe Adoption

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each year thousands of families turn to adoption to bring a child into their home, but the high cost can often prohibit families from even beginning the process.

November is National Adoption Month, a good time to highlight a new trend in how families are paying for their adoptions.

When you think adoption, crowdfunding might not immediately come to mind.

But the technology is allowing more and more people to fulfill their dreams of adopting a child.

“We want the experience of being moms and we want to share the love that we have with a child,” Jessica Martin said.

When Jessica Martin and Brandi Smith married in 2014, they knew they wanted to have kids.

“Adoption was always kind of something that we thought about in the back of our minds,” Brandi Smith said.

After unsuccessful fertility treatments, they officially began the adoption process.

“For us, this may be our only shot at a family,” Martin said.

At this point, they’re nervously waiting for a call from a potential birth mother.

“We look at our phone constantly, just looking for that right email or right call to tell us that we’ve been chosen,” Martin said.

Getting to this point, though, has cost tremendous amounts of time and money.

“About $30,000 by the time the adoption is finalized,” Smith said.

So they’ve decided to ask for some help to pay for upcoming costs, like traveling to meet with the birth mother.

“There are all these additional costs that when we started planning we were a little unaware of and GoFundMe has been successful for so many people, so why not us?” Martin asked.

Last year nationwide, nearly $3 million was donated to adoption GoFundMe accounts.

These women are thankful the technology is available for families like theirs.

“We felt like it was our way to announce our family and what we were doing and we knew that friends and family that weren’t local and weren’t going to be able to come to showers would want to help us,” Smith said.

“Not just share a laugh on Facebook, but to actually give money out of their pockets and that means everything to us,” Martin said.

In the last five years, more than $7 million has been collected on GoFundMe pages for adoptions.

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