IMPD adds additional patrols in Castleton area for holiday season

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Don’t be alarmed if you notice more police in Castleton Square Mall through Christmas. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are starting “Operation Holiday Helper” on Thursday. The goal is to protect shoppers from becoming victims this holiday season

IMPD’s north district has a new substation located inside the Castleton Square Mall, which has increased the police presence at the mall.

Since thousands of people will saturate the north side of town – especially people not from Indianapolis – north district will pull officers from other districts at peak hours during holiday shopping.

The officers will patrol the shopping centers and restaurants along 82nd, 86th and 96th streets. Some will be in squad cars, others will be on bike or foot. IMPD will also have undercover officers to try and catch criminals in the act.

North District Commander Chris Bailey said his officers will increase how often they do traffic stops. Bailey said they are hopefully the efforts will deter criminals maybe even catch people who might have just finished breaking into cars or shoplifting.

“This is a very important area for the city of Indy a lot of shopping, a lot of restaurants and entertainment a lot of people come here not only from inside Indy but outside Indy,” said Commander Bailey. “So we want to display a sense of presence here that this is a safe place to shop and play and that IMPD is committed to the safety of those that come and visit this place.”

Officers will be giving out friendly flyer reminders to drivers if patrolling officers spot electronics or other belongings out in plain view, or if they found the car was unlocked.

The operation will start Thursday and run through Christmas Eve. Christmas is only 35 days away.


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