Blackburn suspects appear uninterested during first court appearance

Suspects charged in connection with Amanda Blackburn's death appeared distracted in court. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Two men charged in connection with the death of a pastor’s pregnant wife made their first court appearance Tuesday.

After a 12 minute hearing, Larry Taylor Jr., and Jalen Watson darted from cameras. The two face several charges, including murder, stemming from the death of Amanda Blackburn.

Both pleaded not guilty in a downtown Indianapolis courtroom. After the hearing, prosecutors talked about the amount of evidence.

“It’s a process that can take weeks, and into months in this case,” Denise Robinson said. “So the crime lab has quite a bit of work to do on the case. We asked for a rush on some items of evidence, but obviously you can’t rush everything.”

Prosecutors say they’re dealing with four crime scenes. They’ve swabbed for DNA and lifted prints.

Connecting it to the suspects they say doesn’t happen overnight.

“Doesn’t quiet work like on television where all of that is processed within days, or hours, or minutes, I guess if you’re on television,” Robinson said.

Blackburn was found dead November 10 inside her Sunnyfield Court home. Taylor Jr.and Watson were charged Monday with her murder.

In court, neither spoke much, except Watson when the judge mentioned his right to a speedy trial. Watson told the judge, “I don’t want to do that.”

No discussion of bond took place. Both were sent back to jail.

While they remain there, the judge gave them a list of people not to contact. Not on the list, Blackburn’s husband, Davey Blackburn.

24-Hour News 8 asked prosecutors why he wasn’t on there.

“In any event, I wouldn’t be concerned about these defendants being able to reach him, or being able to make contact with him,” Robinson said. “I don’t believe that they would have contact information in that matter. We’re more concerned about witnesses that they may be able to contact.”

Taylor Jr. and Watson will be back in court in January. They may not be the only ones charged in this case.

Prosecutors say they’re waiting on test results that could result in another arrest. Taylor Jr. may also get more prison time because Blackburn was pregnant.

Prosecutors filed a sentence enhancement, for the unborn child, which could punish him for an additional 20 years behind bars.

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