Former student files suit against IPS for allegedly concealing sexual predator

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A former student has brought a lawsuit against the Indianapolis Public School system and multiple former school administrators of George Washington High School.

A former IPS assistant principal, Corey Greenwood, 44, from indianapolis, pled guilty in 2013 to one count of child seduction and one count of obstruction of justice, after a 16-year-old female student reported he had sex with her on several occasions at a friend’s apartment and even in the administrator’s office, according to court documents.

He was placed on home detention and GPS monitoring in April 2013.

The former student is now seeking damages, claiming in court documents that the IPS system knew that Greenwood was a child predator but did not attempt to prevent him or stop him once learning of the sexual abuses.

The document also claims that Greenwood’s mother was in charge of his career trajectory, and responsible for being allowed to continue working within the IPS system, even though he was a known sexual predator.

IPS released the following statement:

This is indeed unfortunate. While the current administration was not employed with Indianapolis Public Schools during the time of the events cited in the lawsuit, we are deeply concerned and will cooperate fully in these proceedings.

Read the full court document here:

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