Popular fitness trend, CrossFit, modified for kids

(Provided Photo/CrossFit Dog Fight)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Knowing that getting children to be active can be a competition between exercise and electronics, people behind a relatively new fitness program say it provides another option to offer variety.

CrossFit Dog Fight in the Castleton area of Indianapolis is one of three facilities in the city certified to run “CrossFit Kids.

Coach Holly Newman received special training and certification to teach children as young as three basic, functional movements associated with the program.

“We encourage them to have fun. We focus on mechanics first, then we stay there for a long time until they get the movement down. Then, we go to consistency. Then, intensity is the last on the list,” Newman said.

Modified movements are taken slowly and PVC pipe replaces most weights until young CrossFit athletes are in their teens, Newman said.

According to the coach, the workouts can help prepare and strengthen kids involved in youth sports but CrossFit mostly can motivate a health mentality.

“Kids have access to iPads, PlayStation, you name it. They’re just coming home from school, just sitting behind the TV not getting really active. We want to make sure they keep themselves physically fit and having fun while doing so, so they can take it into their future,” she said.

CrossFit Dog Fight planned to offer a kids camp for families interested in trying the program over winter break December 21-23 and again the last week of December.

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