Can you really bring that on a plane?

TSA reminds flyers to check for prohibited items before they fly. (WISH Photo/Kevin Raterman)

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – Before you board a plane home, know what items can and can not be brought on the plane.

TSA has a specific list of classified carry-on items. Surprisingly, many items compromise the rule of not allowing sharps on an aircraft.

Ice skates are allowed on a plane, along with disposable razors. Screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers are allowed, so long as they are less than seven inches in length. E-cigarettes are also allowed.

Suzie McGhee from Atlanta, Georgia answered the question if her ice skates were allowed on board, and she said no. When she was told her that ice skates are allowed on a plane, she said, “I think that’s alarming. I would think that those wouldn’t be allowed. They’ve got large blades on them.”

“I think that’s crazy,” says Michael McLaughlin from New Milford, CT. “You might as well be allowed to bring a knife!”

When another traveler Diane Steullett of Stafford, CT, was asked if screwdrivers are allowed on a plane, so long as they are less than seven inches in length. She correctly answered, “Yes, [TSA] does allow it.”

McGhee was still stumped, when she learned disposable razors are allowed on an aircraft. “Well, I would’ve brought mine! That’s shocking.”

TSA will confiscate lighters, knitting needles and tweezers. If you plan on bringing a hockey or lacrosse stick, or baseball bat, you’ll have to check that equipment before you board.

Click here to see a full list of items you can and cannot bring onto a plane.

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