Hamilton Southeastern Schools parents get to choose high school

Fishers High School (WISH Photo)

FISHERS, Ind (WISH) – There’s a debate in Fishers over whether parents should be able to choose a high school for their student.

Over the past few years, 400 students opted for Fishers High School over Hamilton Southeastern High School, and those numbers are why the district had to come up with a plan to balance it out.

In the past, only parents who lived in a certain area could choose, but this year the school board is allowing any parent to pick a high school.

“I think there’s going to be parents that’ll choose one or the other or get together with other parents thinking, ‘Oh, let’s all get our kids to go here so that we can have a more powerful team,’” HSE parent Shana Patz said.

Right now, there’s a difference of 131 students between the schools, or two percent. The district is trying to keep it under five percent.

While the district is giving a choice, one thing they’re not doing is providing bus transportation. Buses don’t switch high schools. That means if parents want to make the switch, they’ll have to drive the kids to school.

All parents have to do is fill out an online form and they’ll be allowed to switch. It’s a measure only available for this year, although some would like to see it continue.

“I think it should be an option for parents with kids who it will have an impact on them in the future,” Liner said. “I think my kids should have the option of which school they want to attend.”

“I don’t want to see us become Carmel, with such a huge school. But I just don’t know that leaving it up to the parents is the best decision,” Patz said.

Parents have until Monday night to decide. The committee will notify parents by mid-December if their student is allowed to switch.

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