Motivation Monday: The Magic of Journaling

One of the best gifts you can give someone is the one that was never expected. Our motivational expert Tim Shurr explains the idea of journaling- writing down your thoughts and feelings in a private book.

On today’s Indy Style, Tim shares how one of his clients inspired him with her personal story of journaling the times she spent with her grandkids. She told Tim, “After each visit with my grandchildren, I’d write down what we did, how I felt, and what we experienced together. I’ve journaled about what it was like seeing them as babies and so many of the other experiences we’ve shared. In this way, when I’m gone, they will have a wonderful collection of short stories about our times together. It will also be a way for me to go on living through them.”

Tim offers his advice on journaling:

Don’t just limit yourself to writing about the things that have upset you in life. Write with the future in mind. Be proactive and begin creating a dream journal – your own Book Of Dreams. Or write down special memories of times you’ll spend with young ones, so one day they will have an amazing gift from you!

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