Bear who broke into pizza restaurant now recovering at rehab center

The cub who broke into Louie's Pizza (right) at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation with other cubs. / Cec Sanders - Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —  A bear cub who broke into a downtown pizza restaurant in September is now recovering at a rehab center in Florence.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the cub, who injured his leg in the burglary, is doing very well. He’s being rehabilitated by Tom and Cec Sanders at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Florence. Workers limit their contact with the bear so he won’t get used to humans, and the facility is not open to the public.

The cub snuck into Louie’s Pizza on Tejon Street Sep. 14. With the help of police, Colorado Parks and Wildlife removed the bear from the restaurant.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the cub and the other cubs will be put in a temporary hibernation den in January. Meanwhile, the cub is growing rapidly and has made friends with other cubs at the rehab center.

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