Local police ready should they ever need military-grade equipment

(WISH Photo)

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — Re-purposed military equipment was used in response to the mass shooting in California. Several local law enforcement agencies in Indiana have access to the same equipment, one of them being the Lawrence Police Department.

In 2015, one MRAP was gifted for $1 to LPD. They were only left to buy new tires and pay for shipping. The cost is around $700,000 to buy brand new.

The decommissioned Caiman, better known as an MRAP, arrived to the department in 2015. Since then, it has helped diffuse three separate situations.

The MRAP is one tough vehicle. It’s resistant to explosive devices and it can withstand AK-47 rounds.

“It is a vehicle that we would rather have and would hopefully never have to use,” said Captain Gary Woodruff with the Lawrence Police Department.

Other departments who received MRAPs through the donation program include West Lafayette and Terre Haute Police Departments and sheriff’s offices in Johnson and Morgan counties.

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