Mother of daughter near San Bernardino tragedy speaks

(WRBL Photo)

FORT MITCHELL, Alabama (WRBL) — When Evelyn Thomas came home Wednesday, she turned the TV on. When the screen came up, the tragedy in California was what she was greeted by.

Her heart immediately dropped because her daughter, Elizabeth, works near the Inland Regional Center.

The time passed, but Thomas did not hear from her daughter. But after 6 p.m., her daughter called letting her mother know she was OK.

Even though she was relieved to hear from her daughter, she was still a bit shaky after what had taken place.

Thomas says her and her daughter have a connection that is very special. She says once a person has children, they will know that feeling.

The phone calls Thomas has with her kids mean the world now, but she says each one now will mean a whole lot more. While News 3 was with Evelyn, we heard the conversation between her and her daughter. Her daughter said the first responders were very timely and did a fantastic job of getting everyone to safety.

After working in healthcare for years, Evelyn says Wednesday’s tragedy makes her ask the question, why?

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