Police impersonator in Fishers a false alarm

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Everyday thousands of cars pass through I-69 in Fishers.

Police said it was Wednesday when a woman thought she had a close call with a police impersonator.

Police have since identified that driver as someone who works for roadside assistance.

Shirley Sholtes said that’s a scary thought.

“I guess it is the whole world is scary now with all this stuff with all that’s happening it’s not safe,” said Shirley Sholtes, Fishers resident.

Sholtes lives in Fishers. She said with having a lot of friends and family in law enforcement, she already knows what to do.

“I wouldn’t get out of the car and I would keep it running with my flashers on,” said Sholtes.

While the incident from Wednesday turned out to be a false alarm, police said they are taking this time to remind drivers to give them a call if you see something suspicious.

“If you feel like something is not right about a traffic stop don’t pull over, turn on your hazards lights, reduce your speed and pull off like she did on 116th Street,” said officer Shawn Wynn with the Fishers Police Department. “Find a place in a well-lit, populated area. A gas station would be great.”

So how can you tell if you’re getting pulled over by a real police officer? Fishers police said you want to pay attention to the details.

“The thing to remember is the state of Indiana for police car to pull you over has to have red and blue light flashing in the front whether it be on the roof or in the front dashboard area,” said Wynn.

Police said that goes the same for clothing and uniform.

“If you’re stopped by someone in an unmarked car and they’re in plain clothes, not a police officer in the state of Indiana,” said Wynn. “It’s not a legal stop.”

Police said when in doubt you can always call 911 to verify if an officer is attempting to pull you over.

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