The circus (and protesters) comes to town

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The circus is in town and so are protesters.

It’s opening night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for Ringling Bros.

And as guests entered, they had to pass by protesters for and against having animals in the circus.

Indiana Animal Rights Alliance said they were expecting 100 protesters, calling for an end to animals in the circus.

They believe the training is abusive to the animals.

“We want them to stop using animals in circuses because the training techniques are so brutal. They use bull hooks. They use whips,” said Diane Schabath with Indiana Animal Rights Alliance.

But there were also protesters protesting the protesters, like Eryn Dewey who used to work for Ringling Bros.

“The circus treats animals very well. Ringling has a very good history of animal care,” Dewey said.

The circus will have shows through this Sunday, Dec. 6.


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