Burglars steal from older, disabled woman’s home

Two men broke into an apartment at Farmington Lake in Lawrence and stole several items.

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is searching for two men accused of breaking into the apartment of a woman and stealing several items.

Peggy Finch, 60, said around 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, her neighbor at Farmington Lake Apartments told her a man was trying to get into her car. Finch said she went outside to check on her car. She estimates it took her about three minutes before she went back into her apartment. Once she walked inside, Finch said she saw two unknown men inside.

“When I came in I started screaming,” Finch said.

She said the two men immediately ran away. One jumped out of her bedroom window. The other ran out of her patio door.

“I chased one of the guys that went out of the patio door and unfortunately, I fell,” said Finch who now has a twisted ankle. She added she didn’t get a good look at the men.

She said, “I could only see the rear end of the one who was going back out the window of my apartment, but I did see the one that ran out of the patio because he was about 6’2″ and maybe 160 – 170 pounds.”

Finch thinks the two men got inside of her apartment through her bedroom window, which she says the latching is not properly working.

She said, “I thought that the window was locked. Evidently, the latch on the window doesn’t catch.”

The two men stole Finch’s pink laptop, pain pills, keys to her car, and purse which had cash, credit cards, her driver’s license, and social security card inside.

She exclaimed,”They stole my identification. I don’t event know where to start.”

Her laptop was a source of entertainment for her.

“I used my laptop to do social media and that’s my enjoyment because I’m disabled,” Finch said.

Finch, who’s on a fixed income, said she doesn’t have the money to buy a new cell phone or pay the $500 deductible required for a claim for her renter’s insurance.

She said she can’t even go to the doctor to have her ankle examined because all of her medical cards were also inside her purse.

“My whole life was mostly in that pocketbook,” she said.

Finch told police this is the third time someone has burglarized her home. She feels she’s being targeted, but said she will not be run out of her home.

“They stole a little bit of my pride and dignity. But one thing I’m going to tell you, nobody’s going to run me out of my apartment,” she said.

She had this message for the culprits,  “I hope and pray to God that this never happens to your mother or your grandmother because both of you were very young men and I hope nobody preys on your mother, your grandmother, or your great grandmother.”

Meanwhile, Finch said she’s considering buying a gun for her personal protection.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, both suspects are black males. One of the suspects was wearing a black stocking hat, a think black jacket, and white tennis shoes. The second suspect was wearing a gray hoodie with a brown jacket over the hoodie and blue jeans.

Anyone who knows something about the burglary should call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at (317) 262 – TIPS (8477).

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