To Give or to Get: ManCave Shave Gel and Post Shave Balm

Baby, it’s cold outside. Winter weather and wind may be tough on skin but it doesn’t have to deter you from a night out.

TGOTGStuffManCave, a supreme-performance men’s grooming range, makes it easy to brave the elements and effectively clean, exfoliate and refresh your face, all while using a precise amalgamation of natural ingredients and the most sustainable sources of production.

Here are some expert tips to ensure you own the bathroom this season and master a clean-shaven, healthy-looking appearance in time for the big game, a romantic date or anything in between.

  • Tip #1: Use a shave gel in place of soap and water to help protect the skin against nicks and cuts.
  • Tip #2: When it comes to shaving gel, less is more. Using too much can dehydrate skin (and you run out much quicker) – so apply a thin layer that allows the blade to glide smoothly across the face.
  • Tip #3: Shaving after a shower is better. Shower steam opens up the pores for a closer, cleaner shave and helps to minimise skin irritation.
  • Tip #4: Moisturise during the cold season to protect your mug from daily elements, soften the surface and keep your face touchably soft. It’s the perfect finishing touch. 

Shave Gel ($12.00/5.07 oz.) – Formulated with a unique built-in pre-shave oil, this gel provides a strikingly close and smooth treatment to ensure a premium shaving performance. Lightweight and natural with an enticing Cedarwood fragrance, it lathers upon contact to help raise and soften hair, preventing razor burn and reducing irritation during use. Ingredients including caffeine, aloe vera, tea tree oil and copper PCA, an anti-microbial often used in anti-aging treatments, amplify the skin’s healing process to provide you with hydrated, healthy and youthful skin.

Post-Shave Balm ($12.50/2.53 oz.) – After bidding farewell to unwanted hair, use this natural aftershave emollient to restore and calm the skin’s surface for a smooth-to-the-touch feel. Boosting the skin’s post-shave recovery process, this salve combines menthyl PCA, aloe vera and cucumber to provide a rejuvenating cooling sensation that combats any visible irritation. The addition of the natural astringent witch hazel serves to unclog pores, resulting in less ingrown hairs and a tighter appearance.


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