City-County Councillors vote to boost own pay by more than 40 percent

(WISH Photo/Eric Halvorson, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – City-county Councillors could receive a substantial raise in 2016.

A proposal to boost their pay by more than 40 percent was approved at Monday night’s meeting.

Councillors currently earn $11,400. The raise would be $5,000, bringing the total up to $16,400.

That total does not include the $112 per-diem allowance Councillors receive for attending regular council meetings, nor does it include the $62 per-diem for attending committee meetings.

Originally, council members were paid 12 percent of the mayor’s salary. The ordinance would remove that provision, and simply state that Councillors now make $16,400.

Councillor Mary Moriarty Adams proposed the raise. She feels they should be better compensated given the time commitment to being a Councillor.

They also haven’t received a raise in 14 years.

But opponents feel it’s unfair to city workers, especially those working full time who deserve a raise themselves.

If the mayor signs off on the raise, it would go into effect January 1.

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