Classic Greenwood fire engine made into Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

(WISH Photo)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — A replica of a classic Greenwood fire engine is being hung on Christmas trees across the world this year.

Hallmark chose the city’s 1956 fire engine for its 2015 “Fire Brigade” Keepsake Ornament.

It started with a call from Hallmark to the fire chief about two years ago.

The company was impressed that the fire department has kept the engine in working condition for the last 60 years since it first arrived in Greenwood.

The 1956 classic Ford engine hasn’t seen a fire in many years.

“It goes in all the Fourth of July parades,” Greenwood Fire Chief James Sipes said.

But this year it’s been given new life in homes across the world at Christmas time.

“Not just Greenwood, but all of central Indiana has been excited,” Sipes said, “We’ve had people from all over the country contact us about the excitement of the truck and the fact that it was still here.”

Hallmark told Sipes the company liked that the engine still runs, that it still belongs to its original department and that it has a unique look.

The fire department sent Hallmark dozens of photos and measurements over several months.

“The amazing part is the fact that it represents the vehicle exactly,” Sipes said. “The handles, the extinguishers, the axes, the ladders.”

“It is a miniature version of our 1956 fire engine,” he said.

Theresa Dillard, who owns a Hallmark store in Greenwood, wanted to make sure it would be available in the community.

“We ordered a large amount because we felt like it’s something that we’re going to keep,” said Dillard, owner of Theresa’s Hallmark.

She’s even decided to give back 91.1 cents per ornament to the fire department for maintenance on the classic truck.

Sipes said the engine is maintained solely through donations, not tax dollars.

Dillard is happy to contribute to preserving a piece of Greenwood history.

“We have people come in and tell us stories that they had a dad or an uncle or brother or somebody that had been on that truck,” she said. “The whole community is just really excited about it.”

The ornaments are on sale at Theresa’s Hallmark store in Greenwood for about $20.

They are sold out online, but Hallmark advises to visit a local store and see if they have any more in stock.

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