Fishers police stepping up patrols in busy shopping centers

Fishers Police
(WISH Photo, file/Tom Sheehan)

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — With the last minute holiday shopping right around the corner, the Fishers Police Department is stepping up patrols in busy shopping centers to prevent crime.

Officers said they are keeping a close watch for any suspicious activity. Officers are making their presence known in busy shopping centers, patrolling in marked and unmarked cars.

Officer Jamie Alvis spent Monday evening patrolling the parking lot of Super Target in Fishers.

Police said this is one of several parking lots officers are watching closely this holiday season.

“You never know when, just my presence alone causes someone to pull in bad guy to pull in and decide now is not the best time for them to do their business and they leave,” said Alvis.

Alvis has been with the Fishers Police Department for almost 15 years. He said with the holiday season now in full swing, thieves are looking for that golden opportunity.

“They look for the opportunity to see who have left their cars unlocked,” said Alvis.

This parking lot has been targeted in the past with thieves breaking into cars, but Alvis said this kind of crime could happen just about anywhere.

“While we were doing a security check here at the Target, a theft from a vehicle came out where someone broke into car smashing windows and took cell phones,” said Alvis.

With people looking to finish up on holiday shopping, police say it is best to keep these safety tips in mind: remember to lock your car door, try to park in well-lit areas, have a buddy system, and plan out your shopping trip like where you’re going and when.

“While there’s a lot of a great people in this community and in this world,” said Alvis. “There’s a few people who like to take advantage of them.”

Not only are thieves taking advantage while you shop, but police said while you’re away from home, too.

Fishers police have been receiving request for a service called vacation watch. People can fill out a request by going online. Police said officers will do a security check on your home while you’re away.

“We’ll ask if you got pets, if you’re leaving cars in the driveway, what should be there or shouldn’t be there,” said Alvis. “So that potentially if we see something we can compare it to what we gathered or you submitted to us.”

24-Hour News 8 learned other police departments, like Avon, Greenwood, Brownsburg and IMPD also offer a similar service.


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