Gun owners could be forced to report lost weapon or face fine

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An ordinance drafted with the hopes of slowing down gun violence in the Indianapolis has passed.

City-County Councillors approved it on Monday with a 15 to 14 vote. The law would require people to report if their gun was lost or stolen within 48 hours or be fined $50.

Several councillors spent time passionately speaking for or against the ordinance.

Many agreed that gun violence is a problem is Indianapolis, but some didn’t feel adding this law is the solution.

Councillor Kip Tew introduced the ordinance. He said gun traffickers will often claim a gun was lost or stolen to hide their involvement. But he says this ordinance will put them on notice. He added that 11 states and several cities across the country already have a similar ordinance in place.

But opponents say law abiding citizens shouldn’t be burdened with the concern of getting fined. Others argued it wouldn’t help police at all in stopping crime.

“I’m crying for help, this community this city needs help. If we don’t then shame on this city because my community needs it badder than anybody else,” said Councillor Joe Simpson (D).

“This proposal, this ordinance is unenforceable. It violates state law and it doesn’t tackle the real problem. I mean this a back door attempt at registration, not going to happen,” said Councillor Aaron Freeman (R).

Councillor Jeff Miller voted against the bill but said he thinks it should be reintroduced next year when Mayor Elect Joe Hogsett takes office.

24-Hour News 8’s Jim Shella reported earlier that’s it’s unlikely current Mayor Greg Ballard would sign off on the proposal.

A spokesperson for the mayor told Shella there are concerns regarding the timing the ordinance and legal issues.

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