Hospital staff sports blue mustaches to support teen with cancer

(Provided Photo/WLFA-TV)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – In September, Dan and Lisa Newman of Seffner received the news every parent dreads.

Their little 11-year-old boy, Corbin, had metastic melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer. Before Corbin’s first surgery, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Dr. Wayne Cruz decided to draw something silly across Corbin’s face with that blue marker that is typically used to mark surgical incisions.

“It re-directed the entire emotion in the room as far as being fearful and scared to being silly,” said Lisa Newman.

The “blue mustache” has now made its way over to Tampa General Hospital, as Corbin underwent yet another surgery on Friday.

“It’s really helped the Newman family cope with a very stressful situation,” said Dr. Michael Harrington of Tampa General Hospital.

The power and the message behind the blue mustache are not limited to hospital walls or even the state of Florida. Corbin’s Blue Mustache Support Group Facebook page has hundreds of members now from across the country, all supporting Corbin by sporting that same silly blue mustache.

“It’s been wonderful, it’s been a coping skill for all of us to be able to take a look at that page and to see the love and support out there,” said Dan Newman.

Corbin is not out of the woods yet, but his family and his medical team will continue to fight hard every day, with blue mustaches on their faces and hope in their hearts.

To learn more about Corbin and to help support his “blue mustache” mission, click here.

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