The WISH-TV tree trimming challenge

Drew Blair's tree. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Their challenge was simple: one tree and $10. 

That’s what we gave to Daybreak’s Randy Ollis, Scott Sander, Kylie Conway, Drew Blair and Ken Brewer. They were given a small Christmas tree with a challenge to decorate it on a budget.

We revealed the trees Monday morning on Daybreak, and people will have all week to vote on who they think did the best job decorating.

Everyone took a slightly different approach!

This is what the tree looked like before:

(WISH Photo)
(WISH Photo)


And here are the “after” trees, along with a little blurb from everyone. We even put them in alphabetic order to keep it fair! Vote on your favorite, and we’ll reveal the winner on Daybreak Friday.

Drew Blair

To say my tree has gone to the dogs would be a compliment! An animal lover by nature and reputation, this was an easy theme to decide on. It’s decked out for dogs from top to bottom with a tennis ball topper and water bowl stand. The paw printed ribbon and real treats hanging for ornaments definitely had my German Shepherd’s attention during its assembly.

Drew Blair's tree. (WISH Photo)
Drew Blair’s tree (WISH Photo)


Ken Brewer

I wanted to incorporate a little bit of weather and traffic in my theme. You can’t have a tree in Indy without an Indy Car, right??? The snowflakes add a weather touch to the presentation. I wanted to add the state bird as well to make it a truly Indiana Christmas Tree!

Ken Brewer
Ken Brewer’s tree (WISH Photo)

Kylie Conway

I’m the queen of putting a lot of time in something that is completely unnecessary. And I once again accomplished that.

I cut large marshmallows into small ones, used a needle and dental floss to string them and had one heck of a time doing so. After I got enough I threw in the towel and had the brilliant idea to make miniature snowflakes. Once again, incredibly time consuming without much payoff.

Basically, I had a grand idea that I would put art and finesse into my decor by using only things that I already had at the house. The latter I accomplished, the former not so much!

The little red berries were a last minute add from some Christmas decor box I had just unpacked! Icing on the cake 🙂 I tried.

Kylie Conway's tree. (WISH Photo)
Kylie Conway’s tree (WISH Photo)

Randy Ollis

I love doughnuts and candy so my tree is decorated with sugar coated doughnut holes, Reese’s Puff cereal and Star Burst Candies on the top…..Yummy.

Randy's tree. (WISH Photo)
Randy’s tree. (WISH Photo)

Scott Sander

The boss said the only rule was to spend $10. I rented the Charlie Brown from my son. Gleaners gets the rest.

Scott Sander's tree. (WISH Photo)
Scott Sander’s tree (WISH Photo)


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