Plainfield mall reopens after closing due to social media threats

FILE - The Shops at Perry Crossing on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015. (WISH Photo/Evan Johnson)

PLAINFIELD,Ind. (WISH) – A Plainfield mall is expected to reopen on Saturday after it was evacuated Friday evening due to a threat posted on social media.

According to the Plainfield police, a threat against the Shops at Perry Crossing was posted to Facebook.

Police say that mall management then made the decision to evacuate because of the threats.

Cpt. Jill Lees with the Plainfield Police Department said,  “Just from what he had posted on Facebook, it was threats to the Shops at Perry Crossing and also mentioned a couple of stores in it as well. So we’re taking every precaution necessary to make sure that the safety of the citizens and shoppers here are top priority.” Cpt. Lees added, “Our citizens are very supportive. They’re very supportive of the police department and they’re very concerned. They’re concerned because of children they have in the school and obviously before Christmas now being here at the mall.”

Earlier this week threats were made against schools in Plainfield and Danville. Plainfield police said they believe the people responsible for those threats are also responsible for the threat made against the mall.

“It is frustrating because we’re using a lot of manpower and there is a lot of information pouring in and it does make it difficult to sift through because obviously we want to make sure that we cross all of our Ts and dot our I’s in this case,” Cpt. Lees said.

The Shops at Perry Crossing will be open for their normal hours. Police said shoppers and employees can expect to see a bigger police presence around the shopping center. Anyone who sees anything suspicious should call police immediately at 317-839-8700.

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