Students return to Franklin High School after threat

Franklin Community High School students and their parents returned to the building one day after the school was evacuated due to a threat. The students returned to retrieve their belongings.

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) – Dozens of Franklin Community High School students returned to the building on Friday morning to get items they left behind on Thursday following a threat to the school.

Students said before they could retrieve their items they were questioned by officers.

Sophomore Thomas Reed said, “We had to wait in line and we had to be questioned by an officer. They asked us what we experienced yesterday and then we were allowed to get our stuff.”

Justin Jones, also a sophomore students at Franklin Community High School, said, “Once you grabbed your stuff you went to a table where there was an administrator and stuff like that and they asked to check your phone and then they asked you to look in your bag and make sure everything was in there.”

Parents were also present at the high school as the child went to gather their items. They shared their thoughts on how school officials handled the situation.

Tori Hertenstein said,”Both of my sons go here. It’s a scary thing especially since this is close to home.” She added, “I never felt that my kids were in danger. I know the school system did what they were supposed to do. Their number one priority is making sure our kids are safe so they did the precautions right.”

William Porter, whose 17-year-old niece attends the high school, said, “They did a good job here, but they didn’t do a good job notifying us. I didn’t get any text messages or anything like that.”

Franklin Community Schools students return to class on January 5, 2016.

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