Adele fans set fire to social media after ticket sales issues

In this image released by NBC, Adele performs at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The concert, "Adele Live in New York City," was televised on NBC on Monday, Dec. 14. Adele debuted her long-awaited album, "25," and it sold a whopping five million copies in just three weeks of release. (Virginia Sherwood/NBC via AP)

NASHVILLE, Tenn, (WKRN) — Thousands of Adele fans across the country were disappointed they didn’t score concert tickets Thursday morning. Many upset fans were in Nashville.

Jenny Cruger did have Adele tickets – for a few seconds.

“When they went on sale, we totally got in and we thought we had them,” Cruger said. “But then it went to an error screen and then it just kicked me out to the very beginning. Of course, by that time, they were already sold out.”

Complaints like being bumped around in a virtual line or the Ticketmaster site crashing kept social media fired up all day.

“I was definitely not the only one, which kind of made it a little bit better but also made me think, OK this really is a problem,” said Cruger.

Among the reasons why fans had problems getting tickets is that Adele hasn’t toured in the U.S. since 2011 so this tour is in high demand.

Adele has a huge fan base, she’s the top seller of 2015. Finally, Adele is playing over 50 concerts in just 14 states and the District of Columbia, which means people who live in Nashville are fighting for tickets with people who don’t.

Tickets on other websites are already going for up to $12,000 but be careful.

Ticketmaster warned that everyone must present the credit card that purchased the ticket with plus an I.D. to enter the concerts.

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