Boat crash victim thanks first responders

Becky Harris, 52, met the first responders who helped save her life when she was involved in a boat crash in May 2015.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Becky Harris, 52, sat on a table inside the Indianapolis Fire Station on East 86th Street smiling from ear to ear as she watched all of the first responders talk and enjoy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Harris was happy to see the group of about 20 people because they were the same people who helped save her life seven months ago.

On May 17, 2015, Harris and her husband were traveling on a pontoon boat when they were hit by a speed boat carrying two adults and five children.

Harris was critically injured. Her husband, Boyd Harris, was thrown from the pontoon, but was able to lift himself back into the pontoon boat to administer first aid to his wife.

Saturday, Harris was able to meet the firefighters, EMT’s and police officers who saved her life.

She said, “The biggest thing is to tell everybody thank you and how humbled, how absolutely humbled I am that all of these people choose the profession to do what they do.”

Jared Shaughnessy, a firefighter and EMT with the Fishers Fire Department, said,”This is so amazing to be able to meet somebody and have that experience of having somebody say thank you. Thank you for validating all of the things that we do.”

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