Fort Wayne police to outfit its officers with body cameras

A police officer shows a body camera. (WISH Photo, file)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — Fort Wayne police are moving ahead with a push to outfit officers in Indiana’s second-largest city with body cameras.

The department announced that effort Friday after a survey found nearly 70 percent of about 1,000 respondents “strongly support” equipping the city’s officers with the cameras. Officers wear the small camera systems on their uniforms to record their interactions with citizens.

The Journal Gazette reports it’s unclear how many officers will get the cameras and how soon they’ll get them.

The department received a $126,000 federal body camera grant in September and later added $114,000 to its budget to outfit about 100 officers with them.

Body cameras have been at the forefront of police issues following fatal police encounters with suspects around the nation.

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