Boy returns Christmas gifts to help grandma’s dying friend

(WCMH Photo)

SPRINGDALE, Ohio (WCMH) – Joseph Martin decided that helping his grandmother’s best friend would be better than getting presents for Christmas.

Katrina Luck, 48, has been on life support since Thanksgiving and her family said doctors plan on removing her from life support soon.

Martin would have found new clothes under his tree on Christmas Day, but he said returning them to give the money to Luck’s family was more important to him.

“Because I wanted to help my grandma out and she’s one of my friends,” Martin told WKRC.

Luck didn’t have life insurance so her family is trying to raise money for her funeral. Martin’s kindness and willingness to give up some of his gifts has touched the Luck family.

“It was touching to me. It was something nice to do, because he is 11. He’s a child. You’ll never know if some kids would have did that,” said Kynisha Lewis, Luck’s daughter.

After returning his clothes to the store, Martin received $95 back.

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