Nativity scene painted on Tenn. McDonald’s goes viral

(Provided Photo/WKRN-TV)

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local McDonald’s is getting national attention for embracing Christmas.

A picture of a painted nativity scene on the storefront of a McDonald’s in Spring Hill went viral after catching the attention of one woman.

While some people may not think twice as they pass by the nativity scene, it stopped Amy Basel in her tracks.

“When I looked over to my left I did a double take because that’s when I saw the nativity scene brightly colored on all things a McDonald’s,” Basel said.

Basel who is originally from Michigan turned around and took a photo.

Photo: WKRN

She tells us while the nativity scene is what originally caught her attention it was the words that really touched her heart.

“What really got me was when it said his name is Jesus, that is what struck a chord with me.”

Basel posted the picture to Facebook with a caption that said “growing up in the mitten you would never see something like this” and in no time the post went viral.

“Right now it’s about at 130,000 likes almost 90,000 shares and comments are almost 10,000. It’s incredible.”

The owners of the restaurant Gina and Tony Wolfe said as independent business owners, for many years, they have had the windows at their restaurants painted with similar messages, a tradition Gina’s father started 40 years ago.

The Wolfe’s released a statement saying “Although we respect all values and beliefs, our window displays during the Christmas season have become something of a local tradition.”

Basel hopes other companies follow.

“I pray that other companies stand on that and do the same thing and I think it will speak a really bold message,” she said.

The artist of the mural, Jerry Vogel said he has been painting similar messages for the restaurant owners for nearly 30 years.

“What I love is that people except it,” Vogel said over the phone but this is the first time he has had a response like this.

“Not enough of that is out there now and it’s just a good thing that a little bit of this out there for people to see and it reminds them of what Christmas is all about,” he said.

The Wolfes own seven McDonald’s and plan to keep up their tradition.

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