Residents, shoppers frustrated but not deterred after threats

(WISH Photo, file)

PLAINFIELD, Ind (WISH) – Frustration is mounting in Plainfield as online threats continue, but no arrests have been made.

The Stores at Perry Cross were full of shoppers Monday, just hours after someone posted online they would target it with guns, knives and bombs.

It was the latest of multiple threats made over the past five days made by someone on social media.

“I’m concerned,” Avon resident Tom Gedert said. “I’m being very watchful.”

“I’m tired of it,” Plainfield resident Euretta Horning said. “I wish they could catch the people that are doing this.”

Plainfield police are trying to bring this case to an end.

“There’s a frustration that there is no update,” Plainfield Police Capt. Jill Lees said.

Last week, the threats focused on Danville and Plainfield high schools. With school in winter break, the focus turned to stores.

People were evacuated from the mall and movie theater Friday. On Sunday, another threat was posted against the shopping center.

Online threats timeline

Multiple agencies are now patrolling Plainfield’s streets. Despite all of this, neighbors are still shopping.

“The concern is there, but I’m not letting it change my life,” Gedert said. “You can’t let it win. If you change your life, then they won.”

Officers want people to shop and urge shoppers to notify police of any suspicious activity.

While frustration grows, both officers and neighbors want the person doing this to know it won’t deter their efforts.

“We won’t quit until it’s over,” Capt. Lees said.

“If it’s a vengeance thing, get over it, “Gedert said. “It’s not worth it. And if it’s someone who actually is very serious, that scares me. Rethink it, rethink it. It’s not worth it.”

The Shops at Perry Crossing did not return calls to 24-Hour News 8 when we asked what’s being done to keep shoppers safe. Officers are also asking people to share tips by phone and not through social media.

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