Take your Christmas Cookies to the next level with these tips from a baking pro

Bake a batch of cookies this Christmas that your grandmother would be proud of! We’re getting some help from the pros with mother-daughter duo Liz and Abby of Lemon Tree Cookies. Their signature cookie is the custom porcelain sugar cookie, which is great for holidays! The cookies are part of their family tradition, and possibly many others as well. Liz and Abby say they use royal icing, which is pretty popular, but can be tricky to perfect. So, they have some tips on decorating with royal icing and making beautiful cookies for your holiday celebration!

– Pro tips:

cook4– Use rolling strips to get really even, consistent rolled dough for shapes.

– Any trace of oil on the tools you use for the royal icing can result in crackling or discoloration. Give your tools a quick vinegar bath to remove all the oils and ensure your cookies come out great.

– To get really light, airy cookies, use ultra fine sugar and go the extra mile with good flour (Liz and Abby use King Arthur).

cookiesmain – Here’s how Lemon Tree Cookies began, straight from Liz and Abby: 

Lemon Tree Cookies is the brain child of dynamic mother-daughter duo, Liz and Abby Maci. Liz has always been a master of baked goods and pretty things (the two turn out to be a fantastic combination), and she tried to pass down her creative genes to her daughter Abby, which ended up resulting in a make-shift career in graphic design right out of college. Then one day, this mother and daughter decided they should team up and Lemon Tree Cookies was born. Liz produces all those scrumptious cookies that you know and love (or soon will) and Abby produces all the other stuff (like this website). We really couldn’t ask for better work – to make beautiful and delicious treats with some of our favorite people! We hope you can get a taste of the joy we get out of LTC and that you like our cookies as much as we do!

To learn more about these delicious cookies, visit:

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