Tips for an easy and organized Christmas morning with young children

clutter3 As parents, we all want to enjoy a magical Christmas morning with our children- savoring every moment of those precious years when Santa Claus comes down the chimney with a bound and a bundle of toys flung on his back. But pulling off a memorable Christmas morning can all too often be stressful and chaotic. However, with a little advanced planning, we can truly achieve a peaceful, wonderful Christmas morning that will be stress-free and allow us to fully enjoy and be present in the moment with our children.

clutter1Kristi Mitchell, founder of Kids’ Clutter Tamers, has five simple tips on creating a smooth running Christmas morning. As a mom of 4, (she brought son Grant on Indy Style today!) she’s learned a few things along the way!

  1. Wrap AND Assemble Toys in Advance
  2. Prep the Night Before Christmas
  3. Establish a System for How Presents are Going to be Opened
  4. Have Your Toy Storage Ready in Advance
  5. Make-Ahead Breakfast

Plus, you can keep those toys organized and neat AFTER Christmas morning with the Kids’ Clutter Tamers. To learn more, visit:

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