Adorable wild baby sea otter born at California aquarium

Sea Otter gives birth to newborn pup in Monterey Bay Aquarium Tide Pool (Provided Photo/Monterey Bay Aquarium)

MONTEREY, Calif. (WISH) – A wild baby sea otter was born on Sunday in Monterey Aquarium’s Great Tide Pool.

Staff members say they noticed a wild female otter who was using the basin of the tide pool to rest. They spotted  the female again on Saturday and wondered if anything was wrong with the female otter.

“It’s rare for a healthy sea otter to visit the pool so frequently—we started to wonder if she was doing all right,” they said in a blog post.

The next morning around 8:30 a.m. staff noticed a brand new pup on top of her belly.

The aquarium shared the happy news on Twitter.

Visitors, staff members and volunteers spent much of the day on the back deck to watch the furry new baby be groomed by the proud new mother.

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