Chickens win reprieve after council disagrees on measure

(The Republic Photo/ Mike Wolanin)

HOPE, Ind. (WISH/AP) — Eleven chickens in a rural south central Indiana community have received a reprieve after being ordered out of town.

24-Hour News 8’s partner The (Columbus) Republic reports the Hope Town Council failed to agree Monday on a new ordinance that would have reaffirmed an earlier ban on farm animals within town limits.

Hope resident and chicken owner Tim Saylor was given a warning about the chickens Nov. 18 by Town Marshal Matthew Tallent. Saylor was given until Monday’s meeting to remove the poultry from within town limits or face fines up to $1,000.

Hope Town Councilor Jerry Bragg voted against the new ordinance, preventing the super majority needed to pass the measure. That leaves the town’s farm animal ordinance in legislative limbo until the board reconvenes next year.

“I guess I’m an old country boy,” Bragg said. “The way I look at it, the man’s (Saylor) got them all corralled, and they’re not a nuisance.”

If the ordinance is fully reaffirmed in January, Saylor said he would move the chickens to a friend’s nearby farm.

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