Make the Christmas Pickle a new tradition for your family

Have a Christmas tradition in your family? If not, how about starting “The Christmas Pickle Tradition?!” It’s a beloved family tradition that teaches a meaningful lesson – to give from your heart.

The author of The Christmas Pickle Tradition, Tammy Lee Dwyer, says she saw a need to formalize the tradition when she and her son went in search of a storybook explaining the tradition of hanging a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree but could not find one. Tammy wrote a storybook and created a beautiful gift set including a shiny pickle ornament for families to share. The long-loved ‘PICKLE’ tradition is now available in a gorgeous gift set for families to cherish year after year.pickle2

Here are a few answers to your questions about the tradition, straight from the author herself!

  1. What is The Christmas Pickle Tradition?

TCPT is a wonderful, quirky tradition where a pickle ornament is hidden on the Christmas Tree and the first person to find it on Christmas morning gets to open the first present; typically an extra present from Santa. The tradition itself has been around for over 100 years, so many people have already a pickle – but most (surprisingly) don’t really know why.

  1. What made you want to write about this Tradition?

In 2013 my son and I were at the dollar store when I first saw a pickle ornament. It was attached to a small card that said, “Hang this on your Christmas tree. The first person on Christmas morning to find it gets to open the first present!” I thought it was super cute and bought one for each child in my son’s kindergarten class. I was excited to share this tradition with my son and his classmates so I searched high and low for a storybook about the tradition, but I could not find anything! I decided to make up my own story to accompany the tradition that included a funny little elf named Pickle. The children loved it! That’s when I realized that this amazing tradition deserved its own story!

pickle33. Who is the Christmas Pickle Tradition best suited for?

The best part of this tradition is that it’s suited for anyone and everyone that has a Christmas Tree! We’ve heard from lot of young families just starting out and they want to incorporate a new tradition into their family’s celebration. It’s a great way to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving. This is an appropriate gift for anyone to give- boy or girl, young or old!

4. What would you suggest the reward is for finding the pickle?

There are several things that we would recommend:
Pay it forward- the child who finds the pickle can choose another person to go first. This helps preserve the true meaning of Christmas.
Child gets a present- a special little gift that is age appropriate (a book, pack of gum, etc.)
Child gets bragging rights- the child wins the title of Pickle Finder of the Year!

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