Last minute Christmas Eve shopping a procrastinator’s delight

People who like to procrastinate, seem to love shopping on Christmas Eve. (WISH Photo).

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As stressful as Christmas can be, 24-Hour News 8 spoke with some who relish the ultimate stress, by buying all Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve.

The race was on Thursday at the Castleton Square Mall. While many waited to finish their list, they said it’s better than starting it on Christmas Eve.

“Don’t,” shopper Barbara Davis said. “That’s all I can say. Don’t do that, that’s the worst thing you can do, because you’re going to regret it, and it’s the most stressful thing you can do.”

“They’re crazy,” shopper Patty Moore said. “I actually start the 26th, for next year. Just starting ahead of time, looking at all the sales, seeing what’s on sale, kind of getting a feel of what to look for.”

“I guess it’s easier because you get better deals,” last minute shopper Rovrina Murphead said. “You get in and out faster, and everything is done before Christmas.”

“I didn’t study until the last minute of school, when I was in high school,” last minute shopper Ethan Hager said. “I like that heat, I like that pressure.”

“It’s just easier for me,” last minute shopper Calvin Patillar said. “Get in and get out, and get a couple gift cards.”

“I think I get a better deal if I wait until the last minute,” Damon Graham said.

Even Santa weighed-in on the debate. “Bad idea,” Santa said. “For me to be able to have all my fill all those requests for Christmas, I need to get started a long, long time before.”

The big guy in red may not approve, but to some, the pressure of Christmas Eve shopping, is a procrastinator’s delight.

“Next year, I’ll be here again, same time,” Patillar said.

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