Officials close several roads in Johnson County due to flooding

(WISH Photo)

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Flooding in Johnson County was so bad on Monday that officials closed at least nine roads by morning. One of those roads was 250 South near U.S. 31. It was also the scene of a water rescue after somebody tried driving through rapidly moving high waters.

Andrew Poland lives on the most flooded portion of 250 South.

“We saw some flooding back in May but it wasn’t’ this bad. It’s really strange to see it in December,” Poland said.

The road flooded quickly on Sunday. Before authorities could officially close the street, somebody tried driving on it right in front of Poland’s home.

“It (water) was kind of up to the bumper. It looked like it would’ve been…the water was moving pretty fast. It looked like it would’ve been pretty tough to get out of the car. The folks were still in there,” Poland witnessed.

A man was trapped inside his vehicle. With the help of rescue teams, he was pulled out of this car. Fortunately there were no serious injuries, but Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox says, that’s often not the case. Officials blame vehicles for the majority of flood related deaths.

“We have had people that have died in these type of situations before. Unfortunately, not everyone likes water,” said Cox.

And unfortunately, the feeling is mutual. Yards are flooded. Fields are drowning in water as well. Many roads look like overflowing creeks with fast moving water. Signs warn that roads are closed, yet some still keep going forward. It’s something that Sheriff Cox is urging people to stop doing.

“You get out here in this situation where you’re caught in the middle of water that is rushing, it could cost you your life,” Cox said. “They just need to take their time and find another route to get to where they need to go.”

Sheriff Cox says his department is taking action. Anyone caught trying to drive through closed roads will receive a ticket.

At last check, here are the roads that are closed in Johnson County:

  • Mauxferry and 350 South
  • 250 South at the Stoneybrook addition. West of U.S. 31
  • 350 South just west of U.S. 31
  • 400 South and 700 East
  • Greensburgh Road and 700 East to the Shelby County Line
  • 650 South between 700 and 800 East.


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