Fight breaks out after bail bondsman’s murder hearing

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Editor’s note: The audio in the above video has been removed due to the use of profanities. 

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis bail bondsman has been charged with the murders of two teens who haven’t been seen since Christmas Eve.

Forty-nine-year-old Kevin Watkins faces two felony counts of murder for the deaths of Satori “Dionne” Williams and Timmee Jackson.

According to court records, Watkins may have believed that Williams burglarized his home on Dec. 19.

Court documents show Watkins told Williams’ girlfriend the teenage boy had “another thing coming.”

24-Hour News 8 spoke to a man who said Watkins hired him to fix his broken window after the break-in.

“He said ‘I know who is doing it, if they come back they are going to be in trouble,'” said James Coleman.

On Dec. 25, Williams’ mother went searching for the teen and noticed blood on Watkins’ property, including on the front step and in the yard.

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According to court documents, Williams’ mother confronted Watkins about the blood and called police. Watkins reportedly told the mother he didn’t know anything about the blood.

A search warrant for the property turned up a rake covered in blood. Pieces of brain matter were found in Watkins’ front yard.

Clothes matching what Williams was last seen in were found in a bloody garbage bag in the back of Watkins’ vehicle. The clothing had cuts in them from a “sharp edged object.” A finger was also found. An officer said he could see rope and bleach in the car as well. Police also found a package to a “tactical tomahawk.”

One of the last people to see Williams said he had a BB gun and a crowbar with him. A BB gun was recovered with bloody shoes in the dumpster behind Watkins’ business, Watkins Bail Bonds, in the 6000 block of Massachusetts Avenue.

Court documents show Watkins made a phone call, while in police custody, to a woman he called his wife. Watkins asked her to tell someone to go back to the dumpster and “get that pellet thing out of there and give it to Carl, that’s going to be important.”

Surveillance video was found showing Watkins throwing bags into the dumpster. Blood was also found inside the business. DNA testing has been requested to help identify the victims.

On Wednesday afternoon, undercover officers went back to Watkins home to search for more clues.

“The investigation is ongoing, not only to strengthen the case but also to look at people associated with the case,” said Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Denise Robinson.

Watkins had an initial appearance in court Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Afterward, a fight broke out in the court hallway. The scuffle reportedly involved a victim’s relative but not anyone in Watkins’ family.

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