Drivers react to more major road construction near Fishers

Close-up of I-69 road sign (file photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -Three major road projects are now scheduled to take place in the Castleton, Fishers area over the next four years, meaning drivers will have plenty to handle.

The latest project was announced Tuesday. More than 160,000 drivers pass through the Interstate 465-69 intersection every day.

A path some drivers dread to take. “It’s getting like Chicago,” driver Tom Worthington said. “It’s crazy.”

The Indiana Department of Transportation has plans to fix it. I-465 will go from three lanes to four. And the off ramp from 465-eastbound will no longer be 25 miles per hour, but a two-lane high-speed ramp. “The city is growing, and you have to keep up with progress, so I think it’s important that the roads are maintained and the traffic in the future will flow smoothly,” driver Peter Smith said.

Thing is, it’s not just the intersection getting an upgrade in the Fishers, Castleton area. Work will be done to add an on-off ramp on Interstate 69 at 106th Street. And then, State Road 37 will get an upgrade, with roundabouts.

“I’m moving,” driver Richard Lanham. No, I’m kidding. You’re just going to have to get used to it and expect it and figure out when to drive and when not to drive.”

The $34 million 106th Street project starts in 2016. Two years later, the $124 million State Road 37 project begins. And now, in 2020, the $50 million interstate interchange will start construction.

This means making these upgrades won’t be cheap. Between the state, city of Fishers, and Hamilton County, they’ll spend about $200 million for these improvements.

“I think that’s great, I just hope that our taxes don’t go up,” Worthington said.

These three projects are something Governor Mike Pence said needs to get done. He said once completed, they’ll dramatically improve the flow through this part of the state.

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