Get the comfort back in your step, with help from local company, AirFeet. Owner Wayne Purcell demonstrates what makes these insoles so comfortable and unique in design, making it the only insole you’ll ever need.

air3 Here are a few facts about AirFeet and how they might be able to help YOU! (Courtesy of Wayne himself!)

-Technology – AirFeet is DYNAMIC in design where all other insoles are often static and boring in design.
-Super thin, so they can be worn in all shoes
-Interchangeable, allowing your entire footwear wardrobe to feel fantastic
-The Active Gel Technology – Creates a gentle massaging action under the foot which intern naturally stimulates the muscles under the foot stimulating circulation deep into the toes.
-Compliments rigid and custom orthotics in order to introduce the benefits of our Active Gel Technology
-Unconditional 12 month warranty!
-Machine washable!
-Protected by M.A.P. – Patented natural antimicrobial for fighting mold, mildew, fungi and viral bacteria that builds up within the shoe – which then creates odor!

air1– AirFeet focuses on 4 main areas: Comfort & Relief (for the regular user looking for help), Ergonomic Wellness (for those on their feet all day in industry), Performance and Recovery (for Athletes) and Medical Benefits (Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis etc) and soon-to-be, our separate line, Women’s Fashion (targeted for women’s fashion shoes and due out first of the year).

– Diabetes – AirFeet is the first insole ever to have received an Editorial in Diabetes Health Magazine – TWICE- A big factor when dealing with circulation and neuropathy.

– Performance and Recovery – Current focus is Runners (first ever event was the Indy Mini) and AirFeet handles all the Midwest marathons, Volleyball, Marching Bands, Drum Corp, Junior athletics (cleats style shoes – Football, Baseball, softball, soccer etc)

air2– Comfort & Relief – For the general person looking to feel better. Business shoes, dress shoes, so support yet not allowing any type of support into the shoe due to the tight fit.

– Ergonomic Wellness – We have our HD and ESD versions, a BIG focus today, as companies are looking to provide added comfort for their employees. If they won’t walk (due to discomfort), then they won’t try and exercise!

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