On-the-go technology for 2016

tech1Stay connected in the coming year with the new products headed our way! Tech expert Steve Greenberg joins Tracy live from Las Vegas to share his “top Consumer Electronics Show picks” from over 100 intelligent and personalized products this year. The International Consumer Electronic Show will be the marketplace to feel, see and hear the most innovative audio and connected, mobile and car products and experiences of 2016! Here are today’s featured products:

  • Microsoft and Harman to deliver integrated Office 365 into our cars to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint and many more office functions!
  • Newest smart audio products, headphones, free downloadable headphone apps, and portable speakers.
  • Innovative in-car audio technology – consumers now making automotive purchasing decisions based on brand name audio systems!
  • Quincy Jones signature system that delivers room rocking sound into your home.

Steve Greenberg is also the author of GADGET NATION. To learn more, visit www.gadgetnation.net.

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