Appeals court to hear injured worker’s bid for lost earnings

(File Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Attorneys for a Mexican man who’s seeking lost future earnings for a workplace injury he suffered want the Indiana Court of Appeals to allow two witnesses to testify at trial about his lost U.S. wages.

The court was scheduled to hear arguments Wednesday hinging on whether the man can pursue earnings at U.S. pay rates instead of those in his native Mexico.

Noe (no-EH’) Escamilla (ehs-kam-EE’-uh) sued Indianapolis construction company Shiel Sexton for lost future wages after a workplace accident severely injured his back.

A Montgomery County judge ruled last year that two witnesses who assessed the future U.S. earnings Escamilla’s injury had cost him could not testify at trial.

Shiel Sexton’s attorneys say if Escamilla claims any future earnings those should be at rates available in Mexico.

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